Dr. Petra Seidler

Title: Change Management Consultant
Location: Wandlitz, Germany

A public relations and economics expert for more than 20 years, Dr. Petra Seidler is currently serving as the change management consultant for the civil engineering company, JV Grontmij-GOPA-INTEGRATION. In her position, Dr. Seidler is responsible for serving as the project manager for all donor-financed projects, as well as working to rebuild governmental-level infrastructure, such as the power sector, water supply, road construction, irrigation and flood protection through funds that are provided by the German government. She must work to rebuild infrastructure in developing and war-torn countries.

Dr. Seidler has spent more than two decades trying to bring peace to countries in or after war or natural disasters. She attributes her success to being a results-oriented individual, as well as her ability to bring about change and results. Her recognition and respect of cultural diversity has also paved the way to her achievements. The greatest moment of her career so far has been working to bring electricity to Afghanistan. She worked on the reports and contracts between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, and when she saw the lights go on in Kabul, she knew she was making a real difference in people’s lives.

To prepare for her endeavors, Dr. Seidler received a dual Ph.D. in international economic relations and finance credit procurement at the European University at Saint Petersburg. She is a Russian-chartered translator and interpreter, and fluent in German and English, in addition to knowing basic Dari. Additionally, she is a certified expert of consolidation, specifically the consolidation of accounts of international corporations according to German and European Law and IAS/IFRS.

In recognition of her achievements, Dr. Seidler earned several commendations and the Silver Medal St. Peter of Honour from the Russian Orthodox Church in 2008 for charity and for founding and implementing the Easter Music Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. Additionally, she was chosen by Worldwide Branding to be featured among Elite Women Worldwide and as a Top Female Executive. Moving forward, she wants to continue the project in Afghanistan. She also has the desire to write, teach and mentor children, as well as seek great challenges.

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