Julie A. Nichols

nichols-julieTitle: Director of Career Pathways and Adult Education
Company: Morgan Community College
Location: Fort Morgan, CO United States

Driven by her passion for  academia, Julie Nichols has been in the education field for 25 years. She believes that this is the profession that God has given her the talents to be successful at, and she loves using those talents to enable others to find their own success. Teaching comes naturally for her, and she has always felt comfortable helping others; so for the past 21 years, she has served as the director of career pathways and adult education at Morgan Community College. In this position, Ms. Nichols works with at-risk individuals to identify their strengths and help them learn in the best ways possible. She also works with students of all ages who are working toward earning their GEDs.

Looking to the future, Ms. Nichols plans on continuing her involvement in education in some way. The field of adult education is constantly growing and in need of resources, and she believes she can be that resource. She will facilitate learning about the unique characteristics of teaching adults, as well as assist in obtaining much-needed financial resources. Her commitment to helping others succeed has earned her the Crystal Apple Making a Difference Award, as well as being named an Elite American Educator in 2015.

Contact Julie Nichols:

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