Janice Sussman

Title: Owner
Company: Janice Sussman Associates
Location: Boca Raton, FL United States

Janice Sussman is the author of the “Trilogy of Dance” and the owner of Janice Sussman Associates, which provides literature services, website editing, motivational materials for children, and poetry to the public. Through her company, she writes educational and motivational programs for elementary schools in inner cities on teaching and developing organizational skills, as well as working to educate youths in disadvantaged communities. She is currently working on a book of poetry and photography with one of her grandchildren, and has published two previous books under the pen name Alessandra West.

Ms. Sussman’s love of learning is what has driven her career forward. She became involved in her profession because she has always loved writing. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English, and her MBA, in addition to completing coursework at Yale and attending poetry seminars at the world-renowned Iowa workshop. Through her experience with dance, she has found her passion and herself, and she loves helping others do the same through her books. She is looking forward to competing in the Blackpool Dance Festival in England in May 2017, as it will be the first times Americans will be allowed to compete.

Contact Janice Sussman:

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