Linda Austin

austin-lindaTitle: Freelance Writer
Location: Fort Worth, TX United States

A retired writing instructor and educator, Linda LaRue Austin is proud of her illustrious career. She started her professional journey by receiving a bachelor’s degree in theology and Christian education, with a minor in drama from Northwest Christian College. Additionally, she earned a Master of Religious Studies from the Lexington Theological Seminary. Ms. Austin proceeded to serve as an ordained pastor for her local church, and a secretary and instructor at Tarrant County College. Since her retirement, she has come to focus most of her energy on her work as a freelance writer. Ms. Austin has authored several manuscripts, and is almost finished with her first novel, “Midnight Amethyst.” She cannot wait to complete and publish the fantasy novel, and is looking forward to growing on both a personal and professional level.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Austin attributes her success to having good friends, good fortune and a loving God, as well as her persistence. Her zest for learning and education, in addition to her dedication, is what has moved her writing career to the forefront over the years.

Ms. Austin has received a number of awards for her work, including being named an honored member or Forth Worth Writers, the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. and the National Honor Society. She has also been featured in a number of features with Who’s Who Publishers, and was named V.I.P. of the Year in 2011. She is a member of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation and Romance Writers of America.

When she is not writing, she enjoys a number of different activities, including traveling, photography, growing roses, spending time with her cats, and doing needlepoint.

Contact Linda LaRue Austin:

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