Kathleen McCampbell

mccampbell-kathleenTitle: 1) Executive Recruiter and Design Consultant 2) Entrepreneur
Company: 1) Innovative Designs 2) AlkaViva, LLC
Location: Lake Geneva, WI United States

Kathleen McCampbell has nearly 40 years of experience in her career, and feels that her success can be attributed to the many people who have mentored her over the years. She currently wears a variety of hats in her professional life, including being a registered nurse, as well as an executive recruiter and design consultant for Innovative Designs and an entrepreneur with AlkaViva, LLC.

For as long as she can remember, Ms. McCampbell has wanted to pursue a career in health care as a nurse. She received a Bachelor of Science in nursing and health arts from the University of St. Francis, and in December 2013, she also received a Master of Science in business and health services administration from the same university. In addition to her education, she believes that her ability to perceive others is her greatest strength. She has great communication and patient advocacy skills, in addition to her problem-solving abilities and experience in nursing administration.

In recognition of her achievements, Ms. McCampbell has received the Gold Star Employee Award from Advocate Health Care and the Teram Leadership Objective Award, and was named Top Clinical Executive for Advocating Achieved in the Emergency Department. Despite the successes, however, she simply wants to be remembered as a kind-hearted and compassionate person.

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