Kristen MacKenzie, RN, BScN, EMT-A

mackenzie-kristenTitle: 1) Clinical Nurse Educator 2) Owner
Company: 1) Health and Wellness Department, Government of Alberta 2) Saving Hearts Medical Education and Consulting
Location: Athabasca, AB Canada

With more than a decade of experience in emergency care and medical education, Kristen MacKenzie currently utilizes her background in her roles as a clinical nurse educator for the Government of Alberta and as the owner of Saving Hearts Medical Education and Consulting. In the former, she is responsible for managing sub-acute and acute care patients, responding to emergency situations, coordinating with families for long-term care and different facilities, flying air ambulances and assisting in ambulance services, and developing and presenting educational modules and specialized clinical competencies for the medical staff. In her medical education and consulting company, she travels to various medical facilities to train staff and laypersons on basic life supports, ACLS and triage skills.

To prepare for her career, Ms. MacKenzie received a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Alberta, is a registered nurse and a certified EMT-A, and holds a variety of medical instructor certifications.  She is also a member of the Canadian Paediatric Society, Toastmasters International, the Golden Key International Honour Society, the National Emergency Nurses Association and the Association of Canadian Trauma Nurses. Moving forward, she hopes to obtain a nurse practitioner certification and a Master of Arts with extended credits, in addition to becoming involved in teaching.

Contact Kristen MacKenzie:

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