JoAnne C. Davis

Location: Grimsby, ON Canada

Armed with more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit management and 30 years of experience leading teams, JoAnne Davis is a highly-skilled professional. She has worked with the Salvation Army, Wingham and District Community Living Association and the Brain Injury Services of Hamilton. She has also presented nationally and internationally at conferences on the topics of acquired brain injury, applied behavior analysis in the community, Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s. Ms. Davis can translate diverse ministerial policies and legislation into organizational action, and holds expertise in developing partnerships through networking, program creation and community outreach. She is currently seeking an executive director position in human resources in the social services arena, and in the next five years, she plans on plans on joining an agency, helping to create programs and moving the agency forward.

Ms. Davis fell into her profession between high school, community college and attending university. She received a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy from York University and a Master of Education in special education from Brock University. During this time, she received a grant and worked as a teacher’s aide in a school for individuals with intellectual challenges. She also has experience in a community-based organization working with brain injuries.

Thus far, Ms. Davis feels that her greatest career achievements have been providing two poster presentations at the Fourth International World Congress on Brain Injury in Turin, Italy in 2000, presenting at the D.C. Symposium for the Applied Behavioral Analysis Conference in 1995, giving presentations at the Cognitive Rehabilitation and Community Integration Conference from 1991 to 1994, and being an invited speaker at the Dale Brain Injury Services conference in 1991.

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