Naomi Rodriguez

Title: Owner
Company: Porto Solutions, Inc.
Location: San Juan, PR United States

The owner of Porto Solutions Inc., Naomi Rodriguez, has thrived in the nine years she’s held the company. As the owner, she helps individuals and companies with their business, and consults with them on how to make it run more efficiently. In preparation for her career, she studied at the University of Santiago de Compostela and the University of Puerto Rico. Her near decade of experience, along with her education, has made her an expert in project planning and management, customer service and strategic planning.

Ms. Rodriguez feels that her persistence and patience have greatly contributed to her success. Outside of her career, she is also the mother to two daughters, who are two and three years old. When asked about her success and what advice she would give to women entering the workforce, she says that she would advise both her daughters and other young women to never accept “no” as an answer, and to wait for the person who will say “yes.”

Contact Naomi Rodriguez:

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