Morgan Noelle Skillman

Title: Senior Player Development and Coaching Specialist
Company: Florida Youth Soccer Association
Location: Auburndale, FL United States

Driven by her passion for sports, Morgan Skillman currently serves as the senior player development and coaching specialist for the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). She has always been involved with sports, so a career with the FYSA seemed to be the perfect fit. Through this position, Ms. Skillman is able to reconcile her love of sports with her passions for teaching and coaching. Becoming the player development and coaching specialist has been a great achievement for her, and she is looking forward to doing a great job.

Ms. Skillman has her master’s degree in sports management from Libel University, and she is currently preparing to take national courses and complete the Olympic development program (ODP) for coaches. Being a woman in the male-dominated sports industry has been difficult for her, at times. She has worked very hard to earn respect from her peers and players, and attributes her success to her dedication and ability to find the right people to support her and help develop her skills.

As a coach, Ms. Skillman is loved by everyone she meets, and she loves helping others grow and reach their full potential. She is inspired by Coach Abigail Owens, who played in college, and acted as a teacher and mentor to her. She is also inspired by being the best with athletes, encouraging them, and helping them talk through their mistakes.

Outside of her work with the FYSA, Ms. Skillman volunteers at her local animal shelter, where she walks the dogs to get them out of their cages. She is also participates with volunteer soccer.

Contact Morgan Skillman:

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