Gwen Lincoln-Strem

lincoln-strem-gwenTitle: Business Process Manager
Company: Xerox
Location: Rochester, NY United States

For the past three decades, Gwen Lincoln-Strem has dedicated her career to the logistics and supply chain company, Xerox. She started working for the union, then as a buyer, planner, manager and SOF/FX liaison, before eventually being promoted to her current position as the business process manager. In this position, she uses her vast knowledge of the supply chain to implement improvements in the distribution warehouse operations. She is currently working on several process improvements, as well as implementing an oracle fulfillment system project.

Ms. Lincoln-Strem’s exemplary leadership and communication skills, coupled with her excellent relationship building abilities, have spurred her success with Xerox over the years. Not only has she established the requirements, testing and implementation of systems, but she was also responsible for all business process and training documentation for a major implementation and subsequent changes. She even traveled to Singapore in 2011 to train the planning group on order fulfillment and other processes that were different than the European office.

Outside of her work, Ms. Lincoln-Strem wants to be remembered as being an inspiration to others. She believes that if she can inspire even one person to be more than they thought they could be, then she has reached her goal.

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