Soledad R. Bourque

Title: President
Company: IXTROM Group, Inc.
Location: Magog, QC Canada

Passionate and driven, Soledad Bourque currently serves as the president of the information technology company, IXTROM Group, Inc., which specializes in software engineering and the development of solutions for a variety of day-to-day web-based technological problems. The company boasts the ability to create technologies that can work seamlessly with other data and applications. An expert in business strategy and development and IT, Ms. Bourque is responsible for overseeing company development, marketing the company, supervising the company’s expansion and managing information technology.

Ms. Bourque has 20 years of experience in her industry. She holds a master’s degree in business analysis in information technology and information systems from Villanova University, in addition to being a certified project manager. She attributes her success to her discipline, focus and teamwork skills. She also credits her love for helping her clients and her ability to trust her intuition. She has faced a number of obstacles that could have derailed her career track, but her ability to maintain her vision and passion helped her to propel her career forward.

When asked to give advice to younger generations entering her field, Ms. Bourque stressed the importance of organization, determination and prioritizing one’s goals. Looking to the future, she plans to expand the company abroad, as well as continue to achieve both personal and professional development.

Outside of her work, she supports her local church, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Children’s Christian Foundation. She enjoys spending quality time with her four children, reading and sports.

Contact Soledad Bourque:

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