Patricia Highcove

highcove-patriciaTitle: Vocational Consultant
Company: Highcove Consulting
Location: Baltimore, MD United States

An expert in rehabilitation services, Patricia Highcove has garnered 36 years of professional experience, which she parlays into her current position as a vocational consultant for Highcove Consulting. For the past two decades, she has been providing vocational counseling services to her clients, including providing resources for developmentally and physically disabled individuals, workers’ compensation and long-term disabilities.

In her role, Ms. Highcove is responsible for overseeing the client base and ensuring that individuals with developmental disabilities return to work by providing counseling services. She is in charge of assessing clients’ skills, training and counseling individuals with long-term disabilities. Additionally, she must develop business plans, including the formulation of organizational structure, job descriptions, budget, daily operational routines and hardware and software needs.

Prior to Highcove Consulting, Ms. Highcove held a variety of positions, including senior executive at the Guilford Group, territory director, field service manager and rehabilitation specialist at Intracorp and Rehabilitation Specialist IV for the Maryland Rehabilitation Center, Division of Rehabilitation Services, as well as a variety of counselor and vocational positions. She prepared for her professional endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation services, a Master of Science in rehabilitation counseling, and becoming a certified rehabilitation counselor, vocational evaluator and ergonomic assessment specialist.

Ms. Highcove attributes her success to her passion and love of helping people. In fact, her greatest career achievement has been developing her ability to help others, which she notes, is an ongoing process. In the coming years, she plans on continuing her passion by expanding her business.

Her greatest achievement has been developing her ability to help people, which is an ongoing process. She stays connected to others in her field through her roles as a board member and the former president of the Chesapeake Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector, a board member of the Kids’ Chance of Maryland, Inc. and a member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

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