Lynda Kenny

kenny-lyndaTitle: Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor
Company: Lyndakonline
Location: Finningley, Doncaster, United Kingdom

Lynda Kenny was enjoying her retirement, but when she got the chance to work online and brand herself through network marketing, she found that it suited her and decided to pursue it. This led to the creation of Lyndakonline, which aims to help home business entrepreneurs reach the success they desire. She loves writing for her blog, through which she has the opportunity to enable others to overcome their fears and try new challenges, as well as encourage them to persevere and never give up.

The highlight of Ms. Kenny’s career was getting her private agency off the ground and making it profitable in less than two years. Moving forward, she hopes to continue her success in this business and build up a number of connections—but above all else, she is looking forward to helping others succeed. She wants to be remembered as a good and well-respected leader.

Ms. Kenny finds her inspiration in her desire to keep her brain going. She hates being bored, and doesn’t want to let her age get in the way of the things she wants to do. Her strengths lie in her ability to manage people, as well as maintain a firm but fair stance. Ms. Kenny is very empathetic, which helps her to relate to what others are feeling so she can provide the best possible service. Her admiration for powerful and talented people allows her to continue to work to reach those who just need an extra push to succeed—a push she is more than willing to provide.

To prepare for her professional endeavors, Ms. Kenny earned a management diploma from Derby College and a diploma in higher education and social work from the University of Humberside (now the University of Lincoln). She became involved in her current career path after selling her retail business and retiring.

Outside of her work with Lyndakonline, Ms. Kenny sponsors a child in Africa. She also enjoys golf and taking walks with her dog.

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