Shaila Gottlieb

gottlieb-shailaTitle: President, Head Designer
Company: Montdor Interiors
Location: Toronto, ON Canada

Backed by more than four decades of experience in interior design, Shaila Gottlieb is thriving in her position as the president and head designer of Montdor Interiors. The company provides renovations, home staging services, custom furniture and built-ins, custom kitchen and bathrooms, and interior decorating products and services. Prior to opening her own company, she worked as a teacher, and when she realized there was a surplus of teachers in her area, she decided to try her hand at interior design, something she had been doing for fun for friends and family for many years.

As the president and head designer, Ms. Gottlieb is responsible for handling every aspect of a project, as well as interacting with clients, traders and suppliers to ensure that things run smoothly and that the job is completed on time and within budget. She is very proud of her career, especially because her services are multi-generational. Her designs appeal to both young people and their grandparents. She also offers low-cost and pro-bono services as an opportunity to give back to the community. Recently, she designed home for a retired chef and his wife, who both became wheelchair-bound after the team started renovations. She loves that every pro-bono job is special.

Ms. Gottlieb has attributed her success to her ability to create meaningful, authentic and transparent relationships with her clients, which allows for open lines of communication. She is planning on teaching a do-it-yourself seminar, as well as seminar about interior design, spirituality and turning a home into a sanctuary. Ms. Gottlied also gives design tips on the radio. As a testament to her achievements, she received the Houz Service Award for 2015-2016 and the Best Design for Bathroom of the Year from Home Stars in 2011.

In the near future, Ms. Gottlieb hopes to continue assisting clients while offering interactive seminars for design enthusiasts.

Contact Shaila Gottlieb:

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