Susan McGrory

Title: President
Company: The Connection Café
Location: Holbrook, MA United States

When she was a young adult, Susan McGrory found herself following the path of an entrepreneur. Over the years, she has gained a plethora of experience working in and managing the restaurant industry, and is now the owner of The Connection Café, a restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and catering services. It boasts homemade food that is cooked with love, in addition to the best burger and clam chowder in the area. She hopes she will be able to obtain a liquor license for the restaurant soon as well.

Ms. McGrory bought the restaurant when it was in financial trouble. She changed the name, hired new staff, and created a great ambiance and menu, all of which led to a vast patronage. Ms. McGrory feels that her ability to execute her visions, as well as maintain great customer service, has attributed to her success in the restaurant industry. She loves interacting with her customers and making sure each one feels special. Ms. McGrory hopes to be remembered as someone who got people together and offered them a place to relax, enjoy, and be like family.

Contact Susan McGrory:

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