Anne Prucha, MSN, BSN

Title: Chief Nursing Officer
Company: Friendship Foundation
Location: Roanoke, VA United States

With more than 15 years in health care, Anne Prucha is the perfect match for the chief nursing officer position at the Friendship Foundation. The Friendship Foundation is a retirement facility focusing on nursing, long term care, education, home care, independent living, education and community outreach. Since its inception, it has grown into 12 companies within four divisions. There, Ms. Prucha is responsible for nursing care and managing all facilities. She must also manage global risk management and staff development, staff organizational performance, liabilities, quality, support, strategy, compliance, regulations, negotiations, presentations, public speaking engagements and litigation management.

Ms. Prucha has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, both in nursing, from the Jefferson College of Health Sciences. She is very proud that she was able to obtain not only her bachelor’s degree in nursing, but her master’s as well. She attributes her many years of success in health care to her time management and organizational skills, her ability to remain fluid and adaptable, her communication skills, and her personal history with health issues, which have changed her perspective on life.

Looking to the future, Ms. Prucha hopes to be remembered for doing the right thing, and always having both her residents and staff’s best interests at heart. Following her desire to help people, moving forward, she wants to form a coalition for palliative care and organizations, as well as write a staffing bill. Ms. Prucha is a member of the VHCA and ANA, and has done public speaking for the American Cancer Society on a variety of topics. Her dedication to her patients and the health care industry has resulted in a number of honorary awards. She supports The American Cancer Society, ASPCA, Ronald McDonald House and The Heart Association.

Contact Anne Prucha:

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