Vicki Sappe

Sappe, VickiTitle: Coordinator of Data Warehouse
Company: Baltimore County Public Schools
Location: Baltimore, MD United States

Pursuing her interest in technology, Vicki Sappe earned a bachelor’s degree in computer technology, and has taken a number of classes in programming and database management processes. Although she has worked in a number of different industries, including banking, insurance and consulting, IT has been the only field that she has felt is worth her time. She has garnered more than 30 years of experience in the field, including development, analysis, testing, and team and project management.

In her current role as the coordinator of data warehouse for the Baltimore County Public Schools, Ms. Sappe and her team collected student data back to 1999 and personnel data back to 2000 to create several hundred cubes and reports for use in the online data warehouse reporting tool. She is very proud that she was able to build an entire data warehouse from the ground up and get the data that was needed.

Ms. Sappe feels that her determination, perseverance and personality have contributed to her success. She also has excellent leadership and team building skills. Although she has found it difficult to work in such a male-dominated industry, she pushes through so that she can prove herself, her skills and her experience. Except for herself, her team is made up of all males, and she is proud to say that she was able to mold them to work together through open communication.

Looking to the future of her career, Ms. Sappe knows she wants to be in a position where she can make decisions. Whether this stems from her current role or a new one, she just wants to keep doing things better while being an influence of change. She also wants to be remembered for always being there and helping others find the right answers.

Outside of her work, Ms. Sappe supports St. Thomas Episcopal Church and enjoys gardening, traveling and reading.

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