Wendie Flitton

Flitton, WendieTitle: Owner
Company: Superior Grinding & Sales Inc.
Location: Salt Lake City, UT United States

For the past 25 years, Superior Grinding & Sales Inc. has been recognized as a premiere tolerance precision grinding shop, offering a variety of services including inside and outside diameter grinding, center-less grinding, surface grinding, angled surface grinding, Blanchard grinding, Swiss machining, ID honing, industrial blade/knife sharpening and the sale of replacement knives. Wendie Flitton started this career path as the secretary for a small machine shop. When the company split up due to economic downturn, one of the owners had her take the grinding work aspect of the company to create a new business. After several years of growth, she then bought out the owner and continued the company’s success.

As a female in an extremely male-dominated industry, Ms. Flitton knew she would have to prove herself, so when she started, she did work for free for up to one month for some customers. In her first year in the grinding business, she was able to take the company from nothing to $76,000. Since establishing Superior Grinding & Sales, Ms. Flitton has incorporated more grinding and machining into the business, in addition to becoming very skilled at servicing and sharpening industrial blades. The company is authorized to do government work, as well, and hired a full-time quality control inspector and became ISO certified to ensure the best quality for its customers.

Ms. Flitton wants to be remembered for her tenacity and good work ethic, as well as for her fair treatment of her employees and customers. Moving forward, she plans on working to obtain more Swiss machining accounts and CNC Grinders. She plans to hand down Superior Grinding & Sales to her children when she retires, after which, she will return to her ranch and enjoy the mini ponies and help with the other family business—producing rodeo shows.

Outside of her business, Ms. Flitton is a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and supports the Special Olympics and her local church. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking her family’s side-by-side into the hills to drive around, fishing, boating and the rodeo life.

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