Rebecca Stahr

Stahr, RebeccaTitle: Artist
Company: Rebecca Stahr Artist, LLC
Location: Grayslake, IL United States

Following her passion, Rebecca Stahr attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where she studied advertising, graphic design and illustration. After graduating in 1992, she worked in the commercial art field for more than 20 years. Nowadays, Ms. Stahr is a full-time visual artist and owns her own studio and warehouse studio. She uses a variety of mediums, and is inspired by a variety of subject matters. Most recently, she has fallen in love with encaustic wax painting.

For more than 10 years, Ms. Stahr has been battling an auto-immune disease which often renders her in chronic pain and illness for long periods of time. During her time in her studio, she uses her art as a sort of emotional escape from the physical pain she is feeling. She describes her art as “wordless yearnings of my soul in prayer as my body cries out for healing.”

Ms. Stahr’s art was honored by the Women’s Vision, Lake County Women’s Coalition in Lake County, Illinois. Her art is recognized nationally and internationally, and moving forward, she plans to continue building a successful studio and gaining recognition.

Contact Rebecca Stahr:

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