Deb Sabino

Title: Human Resources Director
Company: Fortunoff
Location: Middletown, NJ United States

As the human resources director of the renowned retail outdoor furniture store, Fortunoff, Deb Sabino has a real knack for building successful and engaged teams, which, in return, continue to make the company successful. With more than two decades of experience in her field, she is responsible for managing all HR duties, including payroll, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance and conflict resolution. She also oversees employee relations, recruits, develops managers and helps them coach their teams, and manages and oversees all administrative work.

A self-proclaimed “people person,” Ms. Sabino holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology. Although she has found it difficult at times to be taken seriously as a professional, she has been able to succeed thanks to her own intuition and personable nature. Ms. Sabino loves truly getting to know and understand people, as well as what motivates them. Looking to the future, she hopes to continue on her chosen career path and eventually achieve a more significant role within the company.

Ms. Sabino looks to Carlo Bargagli and Mariel Brinser as sources of inspiration, and she would like to be remembered for helping others become successful. She supports the efforts of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and also enjoys working with the elderly. When she is not working, she enjoys gardening.

Contact Deb Sabino:

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