Bev Wheeler

Title: Project Manager (Retired)
Company: CenturyLink
Location: Thornton, CO United States

Before she retired, Beverly Wheeler was the project manager for the internet service provider, CenturyLink. An expert in team building, telecommunications and project management, she was responsible for overseeing and implementing all projects, and also oversaw 12 managers. In addition, she also developed a number of training and educational programs.

Ms. Wheeler began working for the company when it was Northwestern Bell in Iowa, then moved to Colorado to continue moving upward within the company. As a project manager, she was recognized with a number of Presidential Awards for her hard work and commitment to the company. She also worked in the human resources department and led the HR program as well. She built and led the training program for the administrative employees, and managed the training facilitators for CenturyLink, who worked across a 14-state region. In addition, she also worked as the human resources specialist for the City of Thornton.

Ms. Wheeler prepared for her career by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communications and business administration at Regis University.  Now that she is retired, she spends her free time traveling and spending as much time with her family as she can. Ms. Wheeler also loves sports, and enjoys volunteering and learning something new every day. She attends any Citizen Academies in the area, such as Thornton Firemen Academy, Thornton Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT), and 17th Judicial Citizen Academy, and participates as the vice president of Toastmasters to continually update her skills. Some lessons Ms. Wheeler has learned are to have integrity, be honest with people, express herself in her own values and beliefs, and assist those in need of support during any crisis. She plans to attend additional learning by achieving a master’s degree in organizational development. Ms. Wheeler is looking forward to an advanced degree to enhance all of the skills required to return back to work in a different profession.

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