Cathy Sexton

Sexton, CathyTitle: Productivity Coach and Strategist
Company: The Productivity Experts
Location: Valley Park, MO United States

Cathy Sexton was a workaholic before health issues caused by her lifestyle forced her to stop and rethink her life. As a result, she became a speaker, trainer, author, coach and radio host on productivity improvement, and began The Productivity Experts as a way to help other workaholics with the issue and make their lives better—just as she bettered her own.

To prepare for her new career, Ms. Sexton became a certified lifestyle coach. This education, coupled with her business experience, has allowed her the insight and knowledge necessary to help other executives, business owners, managers, staff and the like with reducing stress and enhancing and managing productivity. She is an expert on teaching others how to find more focus and clarity so that they can increase their work productivity while still finding the time to enjoy their personal life and relationships. Through her training and The Productivity Experts, Ms. Sexton guarantees her clients a 20%-40% increase in productivity.

Ms. Sexton is patient, empathetic and extremely organized—all traits that help her to understand her clients and their needs. She is constantly being inspired by her clients and how they are able to change their lives after her guidance. She wants to be remembered as someone who was able to leave a positive impact on the lives of others, and is available to do this through Keynote, breakout sessions, workshops, lunch and learns and programs for groups, associations and organizations.

Looking to the future, she hopes to participate in more speaking engagements, as well as continue with her focus on coaching. She would also love to attend more seminars and conferences. When she is not working, she enjoys sewing and quilting. Ms. Sexton is also a member of the National Speakers Association and Experts for Entrepreneurs.

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