Shannon Sellers

Bowen, ShannonTitle: Owner
Company: 1) Head to Toe Salon 2) Ariix
Location: Selma, NC United States

For more than 20 years now, Shannon Sellers has been self-employed. She is currently running two businesses: she is a beautician at Head to Toe Salon and has a home-based business selling supplements and other health care and wellness products called Ariix. Ms. Sellers loves being a “fixer” and helping people to look and feel beautiful from the inside out, which is why she chose her current career path. She believes that nothing is more empowering than giving others the opportunity to believe in themselves.

Ms. Sellers has a degree in hair care, and has also taken courses on supplements, as well as attended conferences and leadership training courses. Her many years of experience have allowed her to sufficiently help others to look inside themselves and fix whatever their problems are. She wants to be remembered not only for helping others feel and look their best, but also for her uniqueness and ability to say what she is thinking.

As a single mom and business woman, the hardest challenge Ms. Sellers has faced has been time maintenance. While it was difficult to manage at times, she is very proud that she has been able to be successfully self-employed for so long, while also being a mom and raising her two sons. She is constantly being inspired by the high standards she holds herself to, and she wants her sons to know that women do not need a man to be successful. For Ms. Sellers, failure is not an option.

In the upcoming years, Ms. Sellers plans on growing her businesses and clientele, and continuing to empower both men and women to live healthier lifestyles and be the best versions of themselves. Outside of her work, she supports cancer research associations, and loves to travel whenever she has the time.

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