Jessica Stocker

Stocker, JessicaTitle: Student
Company: Coastal Carolina University
Location: Conway, SC United States

In 2010, Jessica Stocker started her professional journey by graduating from the University of South Carolina in Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in sports and entertainment management. Afterwards, she worked as a ticket office associate for a variety of teams, including her alma mater, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indians, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, and finally, Coastal Carolina University. Eventually, she was promoted to ticket office manager, a feat she still considers to be one of her greatest professional achievements. In this position, she was responsible for day-to-day operations, including answering phones, assisting customers, running daily reports and handling money deposits. She also worked sporting events and oversaw student workers, part-time workers and graduate assistants.

Then, in June 2014, after almost two and half years in the ticketing office at Coastal Carolina, Ms. Stocker left her position to pursue a second bachelor degree. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies in sports psychology in December 2016. After this, she plans on working toward her doctorate so that she can become a sports psychologist.

Ms. Stocker believes that her greatest strength lies in her strong work ethic, as well as her dependable personality. She wants to work in a field where she can continue pursuing her passion and love for sports, while also helping people and positively impacting society. When she finishes grad school, Ms. Stocker hopes to begin consulting as a director for college-level athletics. She wants to be remembered as being someone that was always helping others achieve their goals, just as she is working hard to achieve her own.

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