Cheryl Dyck

Dyck, CherylTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer, Certified Business and Executive Coach
Company: MSI Action Group, A Proud Action COACH Partner
Location: Calgary, AB Canada

Driven by her desire to help as many people as possible, Cheryl Dyck began doing consulting work in 1990. She added coaching to her repertoire in 2009, and developed an expertise in team building, business procedures and strategic planning. Ms. Dyck currently uses these skills in her role with MSI Action Group, A Proud Action COACH Partner, where she handles the full spectrum of the business, from leadership to financials. Her greatest strength is looking at the big picture and helping companies build teams.

Ms. Dyck hard work and talent were recognized when she was named among the Top 100 Coaches Around the World by Action Coaches, and when she was accepted into The International Women’s Leadership Association. She attributes her success to the analytical process she goes through with clients; she mitigates risk and creates a plan. Ms. Dyck also credits the strong support from her family and mentors. Looking forward, she intends to continue on her path, do more speaking engagements, and help bigger businesses be more strategic. She hopes to be remembered for caring more about her clients than about the dollar.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Dyck earned an MBA from the University of Calgary, and certification in coaching and executive coaching. She also completed certification in personality profiling and forensic and business process re-engineering. When Ms. Dyck isn’t working, she enjoys fitness, and is passionate about yoga and self-healing meditation. She also supports Coach Footworks and Calgary Arts Summer School.

Contact Cheryl Dyck:

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