Wanda M. Obryan

Title: Office Manager
Company: Lakeside Materials
Location: Upper Lake, CA United States

As the office manager for the environmental services and construction provider, Lakeside Materials, Wanda Obryan has proven to be a valuable asset to her team. She began this career path when she found herself out of a job. Ms. Obryan was offered a job at Lakeside Materials, and she eventually worked her way up to a managerial position. To prepare for her roles, she attended a training program and completed a variety of on-the-job training.

Now, with two years in her current position, Ms. Obryan names her strengths as her communication and customer service skills. The biggest challenge she has faced so far has been opening her store, but during trying times, she finds her inspiration in her desire to succeed. She is also driven by her passion for her family. She is always looking to provide for and do well by them.

Through her work with Lakeside Materials, Ms. Obryan’s greatest accomplishment has been learning to drive the excavator. Her personal goals include seeing her store grow and become more successful. She would also like to see more of her materials go green.

Ms. Obryan hopes to be remembered for her big heart, as well as for her strong mindedness and her ability to be a forgiving and independent person. When she is not working, she enjoys working on rebuilding transmissions and motors and going on walks. She is also involved in the efforts of elder independence, elderly living and care and other independence rights.

Contact Wanda M. Obryan:

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