Margaret Keymetian Ng

Title: Organizational Development Principal
Company: New Growth Solutions, LLC
Location: Vernon, NJ United States

In pursuit of a career that aligned with her passions, Margaret Keymetian Ng received a Master of Science in organizational development and change management from American University. She also garnered more than fifteen years of expertise in organizational development, particularly in the areas of process improvement, change management, corporate learning strategy and leadership development. She uses these skills to help organizations generate extraordinary advances in performance and company morale through her management consulting company, New Growth Solutions, LLC.

New Growth Solutions provides its corporate clients with a wide range of custom business solutions, strategies and developments. Ms. Ng’s job requires her to work with clients to conduct strategic analysis of requirements to determine solutions and optimize business processes. She must also manage executive interviewing, coaching and retreats. Ms. Ng has worked with a number of organizations, including managing the change strategy and guidance on cultural integration for NYU Langone Medical Center’s Acquisition of Lutheran Hospital. She also supervised an almost year-long intervention project with a senior leadership team of JPMorgan Chase’s global client care group.

The biggest challenge Ms. Ng has faced is staying in business for the past 11 years. She attributes her success to her leadership, coaching and development skills. She loves what she does, and desires to be remembered for creating a unique model for leadership development.

Ms. Ng is a member of the American Talent Development, the Organization Development Network and the National Training League Association. Outside of her career, she hopes to earn her doctorate. She supports the efforts and missions of the Teaneck Ambulance Corps, the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association and the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship. Any time she is not working, she can be found educating herself on autism and spending time with her son.

Contact Margaret Keymetian Ng:

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