Susan Peterson

Peterson, SusanTitle: Director of Government Relations
Company: Kansas State University
Location: Manhattan, KS United States

Susan Peterson has dedicated her career to the Kansas state government. She has been a member of the staff in the government office since 1989, and has also served as staff for the Kansas house speaker and the state governor. Ms. Peterson has held her current position as the director of government relations for Kansas State University for almost 30 years now. In her role, she is responsible for directing state, federal, and community governmental relations activities and serving as a liaison to Kansas legislature, state executive branch agencies and the Kansas Congressional delegation.

With many years in both government and higher education, Ms. Peterson finds that her strengths lie in her ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, as well as her ability to achieve the desired results. Her greatest achievement in her current position was when the funding was approved for the university’s new library. Looking forward, Ms. Peterson wants to be remembered as a woman who represented the institute with class, intelligence and integrity, and hopes to continue evolving within higher education. She is also a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and a sister of Kappa Delta Sorority.

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