Tawny Cockrum

Cockrum, TawnyTitle: Owner, Property Manager
Company: TLC Real Estate and Financial Services
Location: Ontario, CA United States

Tawny Cockrum’s interest in property management began in 2002, when the owner of the company she was renting her house from asked her to help in the office. The position sparked her interest in the real estate field, so she spent the next decade learning and growing at Coming Home, LLC. Eventually, Ms. Cockrum decided to set out on her own, and founded TLC Real Estate and Financial Services in 2013. The company offers residential and community property management, credit counseling, notary services, and estate conservatorships, which allows her to utilize her expertise in credit in addition to her extensive background in real estate, making it the perfect fit.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Cockrum has found that her greatest obstacle lies in her youth, as people don’t always take her seriously. Still, she has managed to achieve great success, which she attributes to her curiosity and her determination to build business relationships and gain respect. Ms. Cockrum is motivated by her desire to help people with their credit and rental issues. She considers her greatest accomplishment thus far to be obtaining her first client.

To prepare for her professional endeavors, Ms. Cockrum earned a real estate license and utilized on-the-job training. She also earned a JD from the University of La Verne, which helped her expand her knowledge of real estate law to better serve her clients. Further, Ms. Cockrum is a certified credit counselor and a notary. She hopes to continue to grow moving forward, and intends to attain a broker’s real estate license and become licensed to practice real estate law.

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