Nellie Doty

Doty, NellieTitle: Board Certified Music Therapist
Company: 1) Harmonious Concepts 2) Texas Woman’s University
Location: Houston, TX United States

Interested in music therapy since high school, when she wrote a paper on it for class, Nellie Doty decided to pursue it as a full-time career. She started out by earning a Bachelor of Science in music therapy from Texas Woman’s University and completing an internship at Central State Hospital, LA. Nearly four decades later, Ms. Doty is now running her own music therapy practice, Harmonious Concepts, and is affiliated with Texas Woman’s University. In her role as a board certified music therapist, she is responsible for meeting with clients, personalizing their programs, and overseeing business operations.

The biggest challenge Ms. Doty faced was getting people to understand the benefits of music therapy, as it isn’t very common yet. Her strengths in education and training helped her to overcome this obstacle, however, and she continues to network and grow. Thanks to her efforts, music therapy is now recognized as a college program across the country, with five colleges in Texas offering it so far. Ms. Doty’s seminars and workshops have also built her business to the point where she can start bringing other music therapists on board. Looking to the future, she hopes to start working in other areas of the state and increase exposure to the program.

As a testament to her achievements, Ms. Doty was honored with the TBME 2007-2008 Merit Award and the 2010-2011 Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women. She is also an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and is affiliated with the American Music Therapy Association, the Certified Board of Music Therapists, and the National Association of Professional Women. Ms. Doty attributes her success to knowing the right people to go to for help. She is inspired by her clients and their families, and would like to be remembered for helping others and advancing the profession. Ms. Doty wouldn’t change a thing about her career, as she considers it to be the best of both worlds: fun and beneficial.

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