Althea Aubrey

Aubrey, AltheaTitle: Director of Nursing
Company: Methodist Health System
Location: Carrollton, TX United States

A compassionate and fun person who inspires those around her to be the best they can be, Althea Aubrey is well-suited to the field of nursing. She was inspired to join the profession by the nurses who cared for her mother, who died of Lupus when Ms. Aubrey has 10, because they treated her and her siblings like family. Ms. Aubrey will always remember how they touched the lives of her family, and aims to do the same for others.

This passion led Ms. Aubrey to her current role at Methodist Health System, which operates with the mission of providing the highest quality of care to the people of North Texas. Her greatest strength, motivating new nurses, proved to be an asset in this endeavor. Ms. Aubrey considers the highlight of her career thus far to be taking an injured and dysfunctional oncology unity and turning it into the star of the entire organization. As a testament to her achievements, she was included among the Great 100 Nurses of Texas in 2011.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Aubrey earned a master’s degree in nursing administration from the University of Texas at Tyler, and a bachelor’s degree and associate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is also a member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives, the Texas Organization of Nurse Executives, and The International Women’s Leadership Association. Looking to the future, Ms. Aubrey hopes to further her education by receiving a certification as a nurse executive, and thus ensure that the patient experience is the best it can be.

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