Monette Oliva-Reed

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Better Samaritan Inc.
Location: Reno, NV United States

For a long time, Monette Oliva-Reed has known that health care and caregiving were her calling. When she first came to the United States from the Philippines, she worked as a caregiver and also opened her first facility, Reed’s Manor. Accomplishing this has been her greatest achievement to date.

Ms. Oliva-Reed then followed her passion to her current position as the chief executive officer of Better Samaritan Inc.  She prepared for this career by receiving a Bachelor of Science in psychology, a Master of Education with an emphasis in guidance and counseling and a Master of Business Management in the Philippines. In addition, she also received a diploma in gerontological counseling in Singapore. Looking to the future, she plans on continuing her education in the areas of dementia and Alzheimer’s in order to further help her career path.

Although Ms. Oliva-Reed has found that caring for the senior population has been a challenge, she is inspired by her faith on a daily basis. She cites Mother Theresa as an example for how she intends to dedicate her life to helping others. She wants to be remembered as someone who cared and who loved people.

Contact Monette Oliva-Reed:

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