Robin A. Schmid

Title: 1) Director 2) Consultant
Company: 1) Juice Plus 2) doTERRA Oils
Location: Pinon Hills, CA United States

Driven along her career path by her desire to help others and provide for her family, Robin Schmid started by earning a master’s degree in health, healthcare administration and management from Colorado Technical University.  When she decided to pursue a career with Juice Plus and doTERRA Oils, she also completed a number of classes and training workshops for the companies.

Juice Plus is a food-based nutrition powder that is aimed at providing people, especially children, with a healthier diet. doTERRA offers a variety of essential oils and other natural health, spa and other nutritional products. As a director for Juice Plus and a consultant for doTERRA, Ms. Schmid is responsible for marketing and selling the products both companies provide to her own clients.

Throughout her career, Ms. Schmid has faced a variety of challenges and obstacles, but she is proud to say that she was able to overcome them. She believes that her greatest strength is in her upper leadership and her support system. Her husband, in particular, has been a huge source of inspiration and support for her. Not only does he stand behind her decisions, but he has also used doTERRA oils and found that they have helped him greatly.

Professionally, Ms. Schmid hopes to provide natural health and healing alternatives to her clients, and make life a little easier for her husband. Personally, she is proudest of finding her soul mate and her three grandchildren. Ms. Schmid wants to be remembered for always trying to help others, and being a caring and giving person. Outside of her work, she supports her local food bank through donations and pro-bono work. Additionally, she volunteers at the senior center in Freeland, California. In her free time, she can be found crafting, spending time with her horses and exploring the land she lives on.

Contact Robin A. Schmid:

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