Robin Kumoluyi

Kumoluyi, RobinTitle: Vice President I and Global Head Quality Third Party Operations
Company: Novartis
Location: East Hanover, NJ United States

Hoping to make a significant contribution to society by supporting medicine, Robin Kumoluyi accepted a position as Vice President and Global Head Quality Third Party Operations with Novartis a few years ago. The Swiss-based pharmaceutical company is focused on providing healthcare solutions that improve and extend people’s lives. In her role there, she is able to use of all of the experience she gained in her 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry for the benefit of others.

Ms. Kumoluyi received a Bachelor of Science in biology from Rutgers University, and then a Master of Science in quality assurance and regulatory affairs from Temple University. With three decades in the field, she is extremely strategic. She has a vision of where she believes the company should be, and once she embraces that vision, she is able to prepare and execute the plan to make the vision a reality. Her commitment and vision were recognized when she was selected as the Woman in Industry by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.

The most difficult challenge Ms. Kumoluyi has faced so far is learning how to be taken seriously. She needed to learn how to be tough and resilient. After reading a book called, “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman: What Men Know About Success that Women Need to Learn,” she learned the importance of reclaiming her own power to bring success to both herself and the company. Every day, Ms. Kumoluyi is inspired by her ability to help others “win” and do well.

Ms. Kumoluyi wants to be remembered as a career builder. Her greatest accomplishment to date was taking a colleague under her wing and mentoring her. She feels so grateful that she is still close to people she has mentored more than a decade ago, and their appreciation and success is a great reward for her as well. Empowering others to do well is not only what she does best, but what she loves to do.

Looking to the future, Ms. Kumoluyi wants to do something more creative. She would also like to get into consulting so she can share her knowledge and expertise. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking and visiting botanical gardens.

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