Susan Somerville

somerville-susanTitle: Owner
Company: Susan Somerville
Location: Fergus, ON Canada

For the first 30 years of her professional journey, Susan Somerville worked in the information technology industry as a project manager. She eventually decided to follow her passion for helping people, however, and moved into the holistic medicine field. Ms. Somerville prepared for the change in career by conducting extensive research on essential oils and studying Peruvian Shamanism through the Four Winds Society. She is now a shamanic energy work practitioner with an expertise in essential oils, which she uses to help her patients reach physical, spiritual and mental healing and transformation. She also conducts workshops and seminars on the healing abilities of essential oils.

Ms. Somerville considers herself to be very lucky. Despite completing changing her career path, she feels as if she hasn’t faced many challenges. Her professional goal is to help people live and maintain happy, healthy and well-balanced lives. She is inspired by a drive and motivation from within, and when she helps people, she feels a sense of validation that confirms she is doing what she is destined to.

To date, Ms. Somerville’s greatest personal accomplishment is her two children. She is very proud that she was able to successfully raise two children on her own, while also doing well for herself working in the IT industry. Her ability to balance her work and home lives is a great personal feat for her.

Outside of her work with holistic medicine and healing, Ms. Somerville participates with the efforts of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. Additionally, she also supports a child through World Vision, and supports the efforts of Doctors Without Borders, Kiva and the Willka Tika Children’s Fund, which supports the education of Quechua children in remote Andean villages of Peru who receive no local, national, or foreign funding. When she is not working and helping to heal others, she enjoys downhill skiing, golfing, knitting and quilting.

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