Inez Wijngaarde

Winjngaard, InezTitle: International Consultant
Company: United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Location: Vienna, Austria

Inez Wijngaarde spent nearly three decades working for the JoUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization, where she offered her services and expertise to developing programs that supported women in business in developing countries. She has collaborated on projects with countries around the globe in order to create jobs and promote sustainability, and is currently working on a freelance basis to share her skills and expertise worldwide.

In Ms. Wijngaarde’s eyes, her work with UNIDO has given her a myriad of opportunities, skills and connections over the years. She is a good listener and is able to summarize conversations and projects to get things moving without any misunderstandings. She is also open to sharing and collaborating new ideas, but also knows how to keep a team and project on track. Ms. Wijngaarde is very proud of the work she has done with people from all over the world to create projects and sustain development. In addition to her skills as a project manager to help create and sustain business and prosperity, she has also helped to repair infrastructure through creative ideas and self-empowerment.

At heart, Ms. Wijngaarde is truly an entrepreneur. The work she does with UNIDO is so important on a global scale that she wants to be able to share her knowledge with anyone that can benefit—any and all self-motivating factors aside. Overall, she wants to be remembered as someone who was able to empower others and turn weaknesses into opportunities that can benefit everyone.

Aside from her position with UNIDO, Ms. Wijngaarde has been a member of the Vienna Toastmasters Club 551 since its inception in 1978. She is a part of the Toastmasters International network, where she works to help people be comfortable and confident in front of an audience. She also enjoys activities like hiking, traveling, reading and photography.

Contact Inez Wijngaarde:

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