Sally Gallot-Reeves

gallot-reeves-sallyTitle: Health Care Project Director
Company: Frisbie Memorial Hospital
Location: Rochester, NH United States

Sally Gallot-Reeves is a certified project manager with more than 25 years of healthcare experience in the acute hospital setting. Over the years, she has successfully implemented projects to better the overall experience for the hospital, staff, patients and families. As the current project director at Frisbie Memorial Hospital, she is directly responsible for managing and completing complex projects, implementing system applications and upgrades, change management, construction space design and move planning.

In addition to her work as the health care project director, Ms. Gallot-Reeves is also the founder and executive director for Connect the Dots, LLC, which is focused on “promoting the growth and success of individuals and teams committed to the achievement of goals.” Connect the Dots, LLC offers a variety of services to health care and nonprofit organizations, including project planning, process and workflow redesign and strategic planning.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Gallot-Reeves earned a bachelor’s degree in behavior and a master’s degree in management. In addition, she also has a certification in change management and project management, and is a registered nurse with extensive experience in hospital critical care services. All of this training and knowledge has made her extremely talented in working with people. Ms. Gallot-Reeves is able to recognize the expertise and skill set of team members and organizations in order to properly assist them in achieving goals and bringing projects to completion. She is motivated by the successful completion of projects because she knows that it will result in the betterment of the lives of everyone involved.

Looking to the future, Ms. Gallot-Reeves wants to continue expanding Connect the Dots, LLC and start working with other businesses. Having already published a book of poetry called “Between Shifts,” she has also started writing a children’s book, which she is looking forward to publishing. When she is not working, she can be found writing, gardening and created sanctuaries for birds and other wildlife.


Contact Sally Gallot-Reeves:

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