Karen Garcia-Marin

Garcia-Marin, KarenTitle: Trading Assistant
Company: Instinet
Location:  New York, NY United States

As a trading assistant for the financial services company Instinet, Karen Garcia-Marin is responsible for implementing compliance, managing decisions and maintaining systems. She is also looks after 50 equity sales traders nationwide, and has more than 15 years of experience in support roles to broker dealers.

Ms. Garcia-Marin prepared for her career by receiving a bachelor’s degree in finance from Baruch College. Despite her achievement of reaching a six-figure salary, she has found that Wall Street is not very welcoming to women, and she had to go a long way to prove herself. Her integrity and fortitude have propelled her to the success she experiences today.

The finance industry on its own is demanding, and Ms. Garcia-Marin does her best to balance the demands of the industry with her home life. Every day, she strives to do well in both, as she wants to be remembered as a tough business woman and a good mother to her two children. She is looking forward to the next step in her career, and is open to whatever ideas and options that the future may bring.

Contact Karen Garcia-Marin:

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