Ann Maines

Maines,AnnTitle: Tax Accountant (Retired)
Location: Palm Desert, CA United States

An expert at tax and estate laws, Ann Maines has almost 30 years of experience in business and accounting. She studied both subjects at a Pasadena Community College, and began a career in the banking industry, where she trained and gained experience in trusts and estates and eventually became a court-appointed trustee for several estates. Additionally, Ms. Maines prepared taxes for 25 years, and spent the last 15 of that time with H&R Block. Now that she is retired, she still prepares a handful of tax returns for her family and friends, and continues participating in training and education courses to stay up-to-date with the changes in laws and filing procedures.

Ms. Maines draws inspiration from her family. Her greatest challenge so far has been balancing her family life and working, but she also views being able to successfully do so as her greatest accomplishment. She also attributes her patience to being not only her greatest strength, but also something she learned from raising her children. Looking to the future, she looks forward to enjoying her retirement.

Presently, Ms. Maines is a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and a supporter of the Barbara Sinatra Children Center at Eisenhower Hospital.

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