Ellen M. Martin, M.Ed.

Martin, EllenTitle: Educator
Company: Winchester Public Schools
Location: Winchester, VA United States

An educator for more than three decades, Ellen Martin prepared for her career by earning a bachelor’s degree in education and a Master of Education in education and educational psychology. She currently teaches STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at Winchester Public Schools. Ms. Martin’s role also includes teaching several different elementary grade levels, from preschool to 4th grade, and curating kindergarten and the school’s STEM curriculum. In the past, Ms. Martin has also served the school as the leader of a prekindergarten summer group and a reading remediation program.

Ms. Martin is constantly being inspired and motivated by the advances in technology and the internet, and she loves sharing this knowledge with her colleagues and students. She completed Google training for educators in order to enhance her communication skills in and around other educators. Ms. Martin takes pride in not only being a teacher, but a lifelong learner as well—which is why she loves seeing what new materials are being revealed in order to better a teacher’s skills to educate children. This is why she is constantly looking to amp up the programs and teaching/education methods in her classroom and at her school.

Looking forward, Ms. Martin would like to be remembered as a caring teacher who was able to reach children and empower them to believe in themselves. She wants her students to know that with hard work and a commitment to their education, they can become anything they want. In association with her career as a teacher, Ms. Martin is a member of the National Education Association. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, knitting, decorating, reading and exploring the internet.

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