Cheryl Warrick

Richardson, VelmaTitle: Engineer
Company: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Location: Shamong, NJ United States

Always skilled in math and science, Cheryl Warrick knew she wanted to turn those talents into a fruitful career. She eventually decided to follow in the footsteps of her great-grandmother, who was a mechanical engineer in Italy, and ended up receiving a full scholarship in her chosen field from Drexel University. Now, more than two decades later, Ms. Warrick is thriving at Lockheed Martin Corporation, a global security and aerospace company. She spent her first seven years with the company in technology services, and naturally progressed to her current role as an engineer.

The biggest challenge Ms. Warrick faced was when she worked at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, where she had people coming up to her telling her she was in a man’s position and was preventing a man from caring for his family. She had enough confidence in herself to persevere, however, and now goes back to high schools and encourages young girls to pursue engineering. Ms. Warrick hopes to be remembered as a mentor to women in the field. To help her accomplish this, she is currently a member of the Society of Women Engineers and The International Women’s Leadership Association, and belongs to Lockheed Martin’s Women’s Engineering Program.

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