Tara Weston

Weston, TaraTitle: Author
Company: Self-Employed
Location: Halifax, NS Canada

Tara Weston has worn many hats in her professional life, but her most important role is that of a mother to her special needs son, Noah. The journey she embarked on while raising her son was the inspiration for her book, “A New Normal: Raising Special Needs Children & Keeping Your Sanity.” She wants this book to inspire and bring hope to other parents, families and persons of special needs. It can be purchased on Amazon and Outskirts Press.

In addition to her career choice as an author, Ms. Weston is also a seasoned management professional. She has held positions with the Nova Scotia Provincial Department of Health, Dalhousie University, WWF Canada and Arbonne. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Weston earned an interdisciplinary master’s degree in business administration and health care management, along with certifications in executive management and international project management.

Ms. Weston knows firsthand the struggles that come with a special needs child—but even more than that, she understands the joy and empowerment that comes with it as well. Her passion for lifting the hearts and spirits of others is why she decided to pursue a career as an author. Along with her first, she has two upcoming books—“Growing Up Special” and “A Crack in the Glass House—” which she hopes serve as both a source of inspiration and as a resource for people with special needs and their families. She wants to inspire others just as her son, Noah, has inspired her.

Looking to the future, Ms. Weston wants to continue her work with the special needs community by establishing a legacy fund for local families of disabled children, as well as establishing a national foundation. She also hopes to soon launch a residential community for people with special needs.

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