Diana McElhinney

McElhinney, DianaTitle: Classified Benefits Coordinator
Company: Eugene School District 4J
Location: Eugene, OR United States

Dedicated to helping others, Diana McElhinney has been with Eugene School District 4J for a little more than a decade. She is currently the classified benefits coordinator, where she is responsible for communicating with other district employees about benefits and changes in benefit plans. In her role, Ms. McElhinney ensures that employees understand their options and packages by developing communication lines, and also creates and analyzes financial reports. Additionally, she functions as a liaison between the district and the employees.

Before Ms. McElhinney became the classified benefits coordinator, she was the workers’ compensation specialist, and then the FMLA/OFLA leave specialist. She is very customer-service oriented and enjoys helping her colleagues. Further, Ms. McElhinney has a background in finance in banking, knowledge of workers’ compensation education, and family leave acts, and has taken many benefit classes and seminars.

Ms. McElhinney is very proud of her empathy as it really does come in handy in her position. She is able to listen and relate to her colleague’s issues and concerns, as well as gain their trust. Through this relationship, she is able to get them the best coverage and help possible. She wants everyone to experience the best health possible because one’s health directly relates to how he/she performs at work. Additionally, she knows that staying healthy is the best way to keep health care cost down.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. McElhinney attributes her success to the mentors who have shaped her into the person she is today. Additionally, her innate desire to continue learning and improve whatever she is working on drives her to success. She wants to be remembered for always providing the best customer service possible, as well as being someone who genuinely cared about others. This commitment was recognized with a nomination for the Ace Award for outstanding contributions toward education of the students. She also wrote a grant for a health and wellness program, which will create wellness programs for employees in the district.

Moving forward, Ms. McElhinney plans on working for a few more years before retiring from her position. She then plans on becoming a wellness spokesperson and coordinator for Eugene School District 4J so that she can continue to work on spreading the importance of wellness.

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