Donna Hendershot


Title: Cardiac Echo Supervisor
Company: Donna Hendershot Consulting
Location: Billings, MO United States

After garnering nearly 40 years of experience in health care, specifically diagnostic cardiac sonography, Donna Hendershot is currently consulting for her own health care business, Donna Hendershot Consulting. She is responsible for consulting in the areas of cardiac echo services, cardiac care, cardiac education and cardiac diagnostics. Prior to this, Ms. Hendershot was the cardiac echo supervisor for San Leandro Hospital. She has also worked for the deputy sheriff of Alameda County and as a seamstress for the Medaryville Garment Factory.

Ms. Hendershot became involved in cardiac services as a result of her desire to help people in the health care field. She prepared for her career by receiving a medical assistant degree and certification. Ms. Hendershot is also a registered cardiovascular sonographer and diagnostic cardiac sonographer, as well as a certified cardiovascular technologist. Additionally, she is a member of a number of related organizations, including the Cardiovascular Credentialing International, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Inc., the American Society of Echocardiography, the Western Society of Electroencephalography, the Bay Area Society of Echocardiography and the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Hendershot attributes her success to her decision to follow her dreams, as well as her desire and motivation to succeed. Her dedication has earned her a number of awards, including the Sharp Shooter Award and the Outstanding Employee Award. She also published a book of poetry called, “Seasons of My Mind: Birth of a Butterfly” in 1992, presents lectures to seniors, and volunteers on the importance of heart health.

Looking to her future, Ms. Hendershot hopes to become more involved with helping the less fortunate. She is currently a supporter of the Lupus Foundation of America, Disabled American Veterans and Davis Street Family Resource Center. Additionally she volunteers with a variety of organizations to feed and clothe the poor, and she also adopted two cats from her local animal shelter. In her free time, she enjoys riding motorcycles, writing poetry and short stories, spending time with her family and crafting.

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