Brianna Venekamp

Venekamp, BriannaTitle: Sixth Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Team Leader
Company: Sioux Falls School District
Location: Sioux Falls, SD United States

Driven by her passion for working with children, Brianna Venekamp decided to pursue a career in education. She proceeded to earn a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in English, both from Augustana College, and is now serving as a sixth grade English language arts teacher in the Sioux Falls School District. Ms. Venekamp believes that children are the future, and it is important to help them, not only with their reading and writing, but also with their self-confidence and self-worth. She loves to see that light bulb go off in students when a connection is made, and feels her greatest accomplishment is when those students come back and tell her that she was their favorite teacher.

Inspired everyday by her students and her own children, Ms. Venekamp intends to continue on her path, and eventually obtain a doctorate degree in educational leadership. She believes in others before they believe in themselves, and finds joy in empowering them and lifting them up. As a testament to her success, Ms. Venekamp was the recipient of the EmBe Tribute to Women Award for her leadership in education, and was named Teacher of the Year in 2013. When Ms. Venekamp isn’t working, she is a volunteer coach at Heart & Soul and Girls on the Run, and is a contributor author for Sioux Falls Woman Magazine. On a random Saturday afternoon, she may be found at a coffee shop, creating lesson plans or writing short stories, especially if it’s raining.

Contact Brianna Venekamp:

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