Julia Creane

Creane, JuliaTitle: Office Manager
Company: Disability Services, Government of South Australia
Location: Fullarton, South Australia, Australia

After moving from Europe to Australia in 2003, Julia Creane followed her leadership skills and desire to help others to a position with the disability services department for the government of South Australia. She is currently the office manager, a position that she has held for two years. Ms. Creane is responsible for managing teams that support other departments, as well as managing the team that handles client inquiries. She also deals with all human resources paperwork and recruitment, as well as all the finances. Additionally, she must book events, send staff for training and continuous improvement, assess processes to make sure efficient techniques are in place and act as a liaison for both government and non-government entities.

Ms. Creane attributes her success to her diligence, organization, communication and her ability to adapt her communication style. She is also willing to go the extra mile to ensure that everything is done correctly. She enjoys her current position because it allows her to exercise her leadership skills and make a difference. When asked about her future, Ms. Creane said she hopes to take on more responsibility and work to change things in the public sector regarding disabilities.

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