Command Sergeant Major Joanne M. Cox

Cox, JoanneTitle: Command Sergeant Major
Company: United States Army
Location: North Chicago, IL United States

Initially, Joanne Cox chose a career path in the military simply because she wanted to further her education. Once she joined, however, she knew that this was the right career field for her. With 25 years in the United States Army, she has been serving as a Command Sergeant Major for more than 9 years. Her greatest strengths are her drive and integrity.  By staying true to herself and pushing herself, Ms. Cox was able to overcome any and all obstacles placed in front of her, including not being taken seriously in the military because of her gender. Additionally, she advises others to remain true to themselves and their values and never accept limitations.

Ms. Cox’s greatest accomplishment to date was the countless hours she spent preparing her battalion for deployment in Afghanistan. Every day she is inspired by the knowledge that she was meant to serve her country.  Looking to the future, she hopes to continue to have an even greater impact, and to become involved with Wounded Warrior and Disabled Veteran programs.

Contact Command Sergeant Major Joanne M. Cox:

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