Ain Twahera Gafur

ConEd_LogoTitle: Chief Construction Inspector
Company: Consolidated Edison Company of NY
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY United States

Well-versed in the finance industry, Ain Twahera Gafur began her professional journey by obtaining a finance degree and utilizing her background in accounting. Eight years ago, she started as a clerk, and she was eventually promoted into finance and became the office manager at Con Edison. In that position, she was responsible for managing the operational, financial and customer information and developing databases to manage the operations productivity. Ms. Gafur was also responsible for training new analysts and administrative assistants. She now serves Consolidated Edison Company of NY as their chief construction inspector.

Ms. Gafur is always motivated by a good challenge, and her most difficult challenge so far has been the adjustment to what she learned in school versus how it actually works within the utility industry. The opportunity to overcome these obstacles is what inspires her to work on a daily basis.

Career-wise, Ms. Gafur’s greatest accomplishment has been going back to school to receive her bachelor’s degree while still working full time. She is proud that she could not only do it, but she also received two promotions during this time as well. Personally, her greatest accomplishment is her four children.

Ms. Gafur is currently working on earning her master’s degree in financial management and information technology at UMUC. She volunteers with her local church, and enjoys gardening, hiking and other outdoor activities and trying new recipes in her free time.

Contact Ain Twahera Gafur:

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