Tina Mitchell

Tina MitchellTitle: Designer for Age Care
Company: Tina Mitchell Age Care and Corporate Art
Location: Alderley, QLD, Australia

Before moving to Queensland in 1992, Tina Mitchell was a partner in a Sydney design studio. Since then, she has served in a variety of related positions, such as a corporate art consultant, sculptor, and art gallery owner in Brisbane. Ms. Mitchell found her passion, however, when she decided to pursue her current endeavor, quality art for the aged. The inspiration for this pursuit came from her mother, who was surrounded by illogical and unrecognizable art when she was in the hospital. Ms. Mitchell listened to her mother’s valid complaints, and realized the enormous lack of consideration that had gone into the choice of art. After her mother’s death, Ms. Mitchell made it her mission to improve the convalescent quality that art can provide.

This path led her to create Tina Mitchell Age Care and Corporate Art, where she is responsible for meeting with clients, conducting research, creating unique pieces of art and conveying calmness and tranquility. She attributes her success to her caring nature and her ability to evoke memories and promote conversations with her artwork. Further, Ms. Mitchell believes her approach to local scenes, which address the culture and relationships residents have with their community, is one of the keys to the success her art has with minimizing agitation and restlessness.

Looking to the future, Ms. Mitchell hopes to become known internationally. She prepared for her career by earning a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Newcastle, Australia, in 1979. When Ms. Mitchell isn’t working, she enjoys sculpting, traveling, tennis, golfing, and spending time with her granddaughter. She also supports Mater Chicks in Pink

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