Laurel E. Archer, M.Ed.

Laurel ArcherTitle: Professional Educator
Company: Cary Tutor
Location:  Raleigh, NC United States

An expert on English as a second language (ESL), Laurel Archer founded Cary Tutor, a tutoring, test prep and ESL center for children and adults in North Carolina. In addition to serving as the owner, she is responsible for working with students of all ages and professionals from all over the world, including Russia, Africa, India, China and Martinique.

Ms. Archer is fluent in English and French, and has completed advanced ESL classes in order to prepare her for her career. In addition to ESL and French tutoring, Cary Tutor offers a variety of educational services, including elementary reading and math, middle school and high school literature and writing, and SAT/ACT prep. Ever committed to her students’ education and development, Ms. Archer also hosts “meet-ups” for former students and non-students, where they can practice ESL conversation and social skills.

She is proud of the work she has done to help students of all ages better their study and language skills. Additionally, Ms. Archer is inspired by the work her professional students do in order to better their English language and pronunciation skills. Every time one of her students succeeds, she feels it as her own personal success as well.

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